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Maureen Zacharias

Maureen Zacharias, Founder of Embrace Holistic, is a Registered Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), Acupressurist of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reflexologist, Karen Specific Technique Practitioner (KFT), Ayureveda Yoga Therapist, Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Maureen abides by a holistic philosophy; taking into account each individuals requirements and providing the necessary support for them to heal, bringing balance to the body & mind as a whole. Seasoned as a holistic health practitioner, she is passionate about providing effective care, education and inspiration to improve your overall health and wellness, using the combinations of both western and eastern approaches to health and healing. Besides her work as a health professional, Maureen takes part in a variety of creative pursuits. She is passionate about music and talents in singing, playing guitar and learning about making that difference, learning, art, spirituality, travel and history. She is a lover of family, animals, community, nature, compassion, motorcycles and tea!